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Monday, 25 November 2013

Motorcyclists Who Mimic But Just Don't Get It

Motorcyclists can be cool while other times they're idiots. This article essentially outlines those who are from those who are not. A lot of videos for example.

I did everything by the seat of my pants. That’s why I got hurt so much. –Evel Knievel

When it comes to the daring, brazen, and brave of the motorcycle world, one name usually floats to the top of many people’s mind, and that name is Evel Knievel. This man had evaded death more times than most would care to count. He had broken more bones than even he was able to recall. He was a demi-god atop the back of that steel steed, and because of his actions, in part, we have a wave of weekend daredevils. From Speed Racers and Ghost Riders, to Rough Riders and even Evel Knievel wannabe’s.

Though what the remainder of this will hopefully highlight is that no matter how Billy Badass you believe you are, chances are you’re not. So to put that into perspective a little, let’s look at those Who Are, and those Who Are Not. And don’t worry kiddies, there’s nothing graphic going to be shown here.    

You’re Not Speed Racer… Unless You Are

Of course, if you own a motorcycle you probably have a little need for speed. And no doubt at times, hopefully where it’s dry, straight, isolated, and safe, you’ve opened it up and truly felt the power of your bike. But if you think you’re Speed Racer, at least like this guy probably does (and rightly so cause that looks terrifying), you better have the bite to follow that bark. Otherwise you may well be swallowing both your words and teeth like this poor sap here. Funny thing is the Russian father was teaching his daughter about driving safety, and lo and behold, the greatest lesson he could have taught her unfolded right before their eyes.

You’re Not Evel Knievel… Unless You Are

As stated before Evel Knievel changed the face of what it meant to be a daredevil. This man may or may not be a daredevil, but he is certainly a skilled stuntman, with doubtless hours and hours’ worth of training. This little show he puts on is quite impressive and proves that when you put your mind to it and practice, you can do some really interesting things. Though it’s illegal and more dangerous, there are of course lesser skilled stuntmen who do accomplish their tricks with success. On the other hand though, this video shows what happens when people don’t have enough practice and what exactly can go wrong because of that. Of course, that could be said for almost just about anything. But clearly none of these people were on the level of the first dude, or Evel Knievel for that matter.

Then there is of course the so-called Holleywood Stuntz biker club in New York City. This mob of riders recently made headline news as an attack was caught on a helmet cam and uploaded to youtube. It’s still uncertain as to why the gang felt they needed to attack or terrorize this SUV filled with a father, mother, and daughter. And the father in a different version was actually pulled from the vehicle and brutally beaten; obviously this version was used to avoid showing that. The Hollywood Stuntz is a supposed amalgamation of what is normally rival biker gangs.

Though on this day, they came together and planned to swarm Times Square. The police knew of this plan and had set up road blocks, but none was close enough to stop what happened on this film. In the end, it’s a terrifying thought that a gang grown adults would all rally together for the simple action of causing mayhem. Sadly, there’s often little reason to fight terrorism abroad when there is still so much of it at home.  

You’re Not Ghost Rider… Unless You Are

The worst thing about being on a motorcycle is of course the urge to try and outrun the police when they pull you over. Between the movies, TV shows, and countless personal stories told, it would almost make any person believe they were capable of being Ghost Rider. Though beside the movie and comic, there is an actual real Ghost Rider out there, and his numerous videos of out running the police, though terrifying, are actually rather impressive. I mean… he’s really committed. He’ll slow down for police in order for them to catch up, only to speed off into the distance again. Not only that, he stages these chases and has them all filmed. Here is a Ghost Rider compilation.

But for every Ghost Rider that exists, there is of course 10,000 of those who are simply not. Such as this motorcycle schmuck who went all agro on motorists on the highway punching review mirrors till he broke his hand, then crashed in a rather pathetic manner and finally gave up. It’s already bad enough to break the law and put people into harms way by excessively speeding, it’s entirely another to senselessly damage people’s property cause you think you’re going hulk on the back of your crotch rocket. Oddly, the whole thing reminded me of Road Rash.   

The author of this article is Damien S. Wilhelmi. If you enjoyed this piece you can follow me on Twitter @CustParadigm. When I’m not writing about how stupid, or at times cool, motorcyclists can be, I can often be found working in Colorado for a highly experienced motorcycle accident attorney

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