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Friday, 28 February 2014

Best things about Home Learning Courses

Home Learning Courses do offer a great deal of benefits and advantages like a Santa Claus gift hamper, but this author would list only some of the best things about Home Learning Course in this paper, things that make the real difference between a real course and a make believe one.

Home Learning Courses work out more economical than their classroom counterparts: While classroom studies may seem inexpensive at the beginning of the academic year, add-ons during the year and examination fees do eat into our budgets. The most alarming concern is that academic fees go on increasing with each passing year, with no value addition as such. Home Learning Courses fees are fixed at the beginning and there is no scope, or provision for any hidden charges later on. The only overheads could be in terms of electricity and internet service costs. A vast majority of home learners do so due to the exorbitant and forbidding costs of classroom studies.

Reasonable, finite and achievable Course Curriculum prospects: One of the banes of classroom model is that of course curriculums, which like the fees, seem to be never ending, thanks to Senate provisions and laws. It is not only a sound burden for students to learn but also for teachers to teach well and within stipulated time frame. Home Learning has its curriculum fixed and standardized right at the beginning of taking up the course and the student knows what is expected of him, academic wise. Planning, preparation and positive attitudes are all that is necessary to gain the needed degree or level of achievement under home study. Even, self motivation and keen desire for academic achievements, against all odds, are indispensable for perpetrating and sustaining home studies.

Flexible study hours at time convenient to students: Under home study there are no mandated attendance and students could use leisure hours to pursue their courses, with little stress or pressures. They are able to perform much better and effectively than when they are forced to sit long hours listening to dreary lectures in classroom settings. Students can set the pace, scope, depth and time of study to suit their schedule and routines undisturbed. Besides, there is also scope to make changes which may not be possible under classroom settings

 Possible to strike a one-to-one affiliation with teacher: Under classroom settings, there may be at least 50 students for each teacher, with teacher-taught ratio of 50: 1. Individualized attention is unheard of in these settings, much less a good rapport between teacher and the taught. Academic quality and scholarly feedbacks take a nosedive and education is reduced to a mere farce and rote techniques. Students attend lecture sessions just to pass the examinations and not to gain specific knowledge or specialized skills in the domain. However, home learning courses are manned by qualified and experienced online instructors who are essentially friendly and polite, and take pains to be of help to students, however weak he or she may be. After all, writer servicing is part of their job profile for which they are drawing their handsome pay packets each week.

Accredited and reputed online institutions: In most cases, reputed colleges and universities run their own online teaching services with affiliations with the main agencies. Others also have affiliations and recognition with major teaching centers or are Government sponsored. In any case, their degree carries more weight than those offered by parallel and private colleges with dubious reputation and are just scams.

Home Learning Courses are not different from regular classroom education in terms of writing and submitting assignments. The students have to write essays and such papers as part of the course. will help you with effective tips, ideas and writing services to have a fair experience.

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