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Sunday, 16 February 2014

5 Tips For Creating A Budget-Friendly Work Wardrobe

Looking good and wearing the right type of clothes can really help boost your confidence. It is important that we dress for work in a professional manner because it can give us both confidence and authority. But creating a good, versatile work wardrobe isn’t necessarily all that cheap. Here are five tips that can help you create a more budget-friendly work wardrobe.

1. Go For Neutral Colours

It is a good idea to keep the colour base that you use very neutral. So go for grey, black or navy, for example. This ensures that you are easily able to mix the different clothes you have and will make getting ready in the morning a lot quicker.
As you will see below, it is then possible to add some colour for your look with the different accessories you use. Going with neutral colours will also guarantee you are always elegant and professional.

2. Keep A List

If you go shopping for work clothing without a clear idea of what you need the chances are you are going to spend a lot more then you intended. It is really important to regularly check your wardrobe and keep a shopping list of the items that you need to get. And if you have a habit of impulse buying things then check out these Life hacker tips for not doing it.

3. Find Cheap Accessories

Accessorizing is a really clever way of making your daily outfit look and feel just a little bit different. A different coloured scarf or jewellery can really give your outfit a new feel. You should even change the look by wearing a belt in a different way.

You shouldn’t spend a lot of money for the accessories. Go for the small accessory retailers and check second-hand options. This can update your work wardrobe instantly without costing a fortune.

4. Buy Multiple Items In Different Colours

It is also a really good idea to purchase multiple items of the same clothing but in different colours. This gives you a bit of versatility but you also don’t need to spend ages shopping for completely different looking clothing.

For instance, go for four different coloured elegant jilbabs for women or buy four collared shirts in different colour. This is a simple trick that will help you save plenty of money in the long run.

5. Invest In Quality Shoes And Bags

The one area you should definitely invest some proper money in is the shoe and bag section. It is really important that you get these just right because they easily show if they are of a bad quality. They also tend to wear and tear a lot quicker and so might end up costing you a lot more if you try to be cheap with them.

You only really need to invest in a three to four pairs of shoes. You should get a set of comfortable black heels, proper walking boots for winter and nice ankle boots for the spring and autumn season. You can then also get an extra pair of heels in a different colour.

Yasmin Farag is passionate about shopping but she doesn't want to spend too much money in order to look good. She is always looking for new fashionable retailers that are also friendly for your wallet. She is also a big dog lover and has three dogs at the moment.

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