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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Some Useful Front Entry Tips for Your Home

Keeping your house neat and nicely organized is one of the primary concerns of a modern family. Similar to meeting with someone, where first impression is everything, your house must give its best, in order to impress. This article is for those situations, so feel free to read on, and see how you can improve the first impression of your house.

Front lawn

In case that you have a lawn in front of your house, it means that you need to look after it. It is one of the first things people notice. But it is not just about mowing the grass; you need to water it regularly, fertilize it, and keep it clean in general. As for watering, you cannot water at any time of the day. In the morning, or in the evening is the best period for doing so, because under strong sunlight water contained in soil will literally “cook” the roots, thus killing the grass instantly. Also, in case that there are trees, bushes and other plants, taking good care about them is essential as well.

The porch/Terrace

Many houses have frontal entrance in this form. Although it is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy Sunday afternoon, you must look after it, and keep it clutter free. Kids often tend to forget their toys here, so use this to develop good habits with your children, and tell them to avoid this. Plants in pots are good for decorating, but those must be watered and maintained regularly. Also, eaves must be patched up, so in case of rain, your porch will be dry. In case that you are not overly fond of standard porches, buying shade sail online can be proper solution for you. Its huge variety gives you plenty of options you could apply.

The hallway

The actual “meeting” with the house begins here, so it is clear why you must put in extra effort, in order to look good. Although nice doormat is technically on the porch, it somehow belongs to hallway. It must be clean, and that is all that matters, and as for the style and color, it is completely up to you. During cold winter months, be sure that you put it inside, for it can freeze, and that means one way ticket to the dumpster, because mats are wearing off much faster this way. Also, the furniture in the hallway should be kept to minimum, to make things easier for visitors. It is needless to say that you must not allow having any broken windows more than a day; it really ruins the whole image. While you are there, you can use this situation, and to make something different, if you ever planned to do so.

The garage

Not many things are different in this area as well. Make sure that your garage doors are working properly, in order to avoid any accidents, and to stop potential intruders. Investing in driveway sealer is always good choice and in long run, it can save you a lot of money. So, instead of reviving your driveway, you can use that money and buy something else. You can even save for new garage doors.

So, to conclude everything, you do not need a lot of effort and energy to make your house look good. Just solve problems as soon as they appear, and you are good. Introduce a bit of creativity, and the results will be even better.

About the author

Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.


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