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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Extreme Sports: What Are The Risks?

Some people like to engage in sports that provide a thrilling rush of adrenaline. And we are not talking about the typical bowling or jogging sports. We are talking of extreme sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, water kayaking, ice climbing, BMX biking, base jumping, cave diving, cliff diving, bull riding, ski jumping and speed jumping.

Extreme Sports

Most extreme sports lovers claim that a rush of adrenaline makes them feel alive. The feeling of fear and risk drives many extreme sports athletes to take part in all sorts of death-defying sports. It can be fascinating to watch extreme sports. However, just the thought of participating in such games gives some people goose bumps. It’s no doubt that extreme sports are inherently risky in some way. Risks of engaging in extreme sports include;

Physical injuries

Every game poses certain risks; however, extreme sports players are at a higher risk of severe injuries. Statistics from the United States parachuting association indicate that skydiving alone results in over 20 deaths each year. The popularity of intense sports has continued to increase despite several publicized accidents such as the death of the 25 years old snowmobiler, Caleb Moore. The frequent exposure to television and social media has influenced the popularity of the games.

Remember that extreme sports are called "extreme" for a reason.

There is some grave danger involved so as to give you the thrill and adrenaline rush. Modern technology facilitates production of safety tools that minimize the risks. However, the nature of the activities limits the efficiency of the tools. For instance, snowboarders ride on an unpredictable terrain where they can experience floods or dangerous storms. Also, they face hazards such as fallen trees hidden under massive deposits of newly formed snow. Minor mishaps can subject skateboarders to bone-crushing falls while trying to grind down sharp handrails.

For instance, research estimates about four million injuries as a result of extreme sports between 2000 and 2011. Minor mistakes can cause serious injuries or death in extreme sports. Most of the injuries and death cases can be prevented. However, most young people participating in extreme athletes lack sound reasoning. Most of them are lured to attempt dangerous activities by the need to gain Internet fame on social media sites like Instagram and Youtube.

Logistics troubles

Most of the extreme sports take part in extreme’ settings. Therefore, accessing the location of the sport can be a real challenge. Many states have banned public practicing of extreme sports. In this case, obtaining tickets, permits, and other documentation processes can be hard.

Equipment costs

An extreme sport is not your typical sort activity. If you want to be safe, then you must be ready to invest in expensive and high-quality equipment. Most people lack the necessary skills and training as well as safety equipment that can minimize serious injuries. Sadly, young people put themselves at great risks by try to copy stunts of their extreme sports idols. Amateur extreme athletes without coaches or medical personnel can end up with crushed skulls, severe concussions, broken bones, ruptured blood vessels and permanent disability.

Sport gear manufacturers release more advanced models of safety equipment regularly. Therefore, sports fanatics need to update their equipment all the time which can be a bit costly.
It’s best to consult friends, family members, and sports experts before attempting extreme sports. Always start with less dangerous activities and proceed to riskier activities as you gain necessary skills and experience

Gaetano Esposito is author of this article, he is a writer at a famous gaming and travel blog.

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