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Friday, 16 June 2017

How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

A bedroom is much more than the place we sleep. It should reflect our personality; show the various aspects of who we are. It should also be the most comfortable place for relaxation. This is one of the most important places in a house. This article explores various ways of making this space more fulfilling.

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Use colors
Use soothing colors to make the bedrooms more comfortable. Those colors that are associated with nature are considered as the most appealing to many folks. Adding these colors to our walls and beddings brings a soothing effect. The color of your bedroom will have a significant impact on how you feel. Darker colors (hues) create a perfect place to relax.  Neutral colors make a room seem larger while dark ones make it smaller. Some colors such as blue and green on our bedroom walls have a soothing effect on most people.

Create clutter-free surroundings
This is creating a room that is as clean and tidy as possible. A tidy bedroom enhances relaxation while an untidy one is not suitable for relaxation. We also need to keep our beds clean and neat. The tidier your bed looks, the more relaxing it will be.

Photos and paintings
Put up photos that remind you of beautiful memories such as family members. These photos and paintings help us to reflect on things that inspire us or bring happiness. Happiness and relaxation are two related concepts.

Add a nice scent to your bedroom
A good scent in your bedroom is relaxing. This scent can be generated from blooms, candles or other preferred sources. They boost the feeling of happiness and have the ability of calming an exhausted mind. Floral scent is the most preferred scent by most folks.Spritz your beddings for a more relaxing rest.

Get appropriate beddings
 You need beddings that are soft and fluffy because they are insulating. They keep you warm and are still fashionable. You also need pillows that have beautiful colors depending on personal preferences. The pillows should have a good texture and firm enough to support the head and the neck. They should also have different cover textures and shapes. The mattress should be firm so as to support the spine .You also need to get sheets that are silky natural tree fiber and those with soothing colors depending on your personal preferences.  Linen sheets give a bedroom an elegant look. Consider bamboo wood sheets as they are durable and soft. These sheets are good quality, have temperature regulating properties and have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Some of the best bamboo sheets are 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set, Brielle 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set and Malouf 4 Piece Bamboo Sheet Set.

Softness is the most important thing to consider when furnishing your bedroom. Add body pillows, throw pillows for more comfort. Consider adding velvet covers to your pillows. These covers add more softness to the bed. Silk pillowcases are known to add softness to the bed as well. Pile on the pillows while you mix and match to create a comfortable and gorgeous look. Add cozy curtains and place the chairs facing each other to create an intimate feel. 

Add a layer rug
Put a layer rug below the bed to avoid stepping on bare floor. The rug is a soft landing place for bare feet .You could add a patterned rug to make your room more beautiful. Picking rugs with different shapes and sizes enhances the beauty of a room even more.

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Lighting your bedroom
There are a number of ways to achieve this depending on personal preferences. You could add some string lights above your bed or curtains to create a welcoming and relaxing mood. A bedside lamp is also useful as it saves you the stress of having to get up to switch off the lights. For chandeliers pick some soft lighting (Dimmer lighting).

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Control the temperature of your room.
 Keep the temperature of your bedroom at a stable temperature depending on where you are. You could lower or raise it. Taking a shower before going to bed lowers the temperature of the body. Some people prefer using a heated throw as a way of staying warm. To add more warmth to your bed, add some flannel sheets. They have a fluffy and soft texture. Some people have fireplaces in their bedrooms to keep the room warm. 

Create a canopy
Create a canopy to create a cozy cocoon for relaxation. For instance, consider adding a sheer canopy above your bed to create a perfect relaxing joint.

Decorate your bedroom
Decorate your floor and walls with antiques. These antiques could be ship-lap walls, antique bedding's or even furniture. Signs or lamps could also be used. These decorations will make your room cozy. Blend and mix new and old styles to create a beautiful and gorgeous bedroom.

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Add a headboard to your room
An appropriate headboard adds coziness to the bedroom. You could use a tufted headboard to create a relaxing effect or try a curvy one. Curvier objects are considered more pleasing to the eyes than other shapes such as straight or angled.

A bedside bookcase
 Replace a nightstand with a bedside bookcase. This allows you to rest in your bed while reading a favorite book. Try to color coordinate the books for a clean beautiful look.

Keep it natural
Put some fresh beautiful flowers in a vase or have some plants in your bedroom. You could also have warm wooden accents. The aim is to create a natural look that is relaxing in the bedroom.

Add floral elements
Mix floral patterns in your bedding's, wallpapers, lampshade, photos, chandelier and other items in the bedroom. Having floral elements of various sizes and shape creates an inviting, soft and cozy feel. Try to mix and match these items. Add patterned textiles such as curtains and bedding's to create more coziness in your bedroom.

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