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Thursday, 1 June 2017

How To Motivate Employees To Complete Their Online Training

Offering online training to employees provides a lot of benefits for business owners and their staff. This is why more and more companies are choosing to invest in the e-learning platform. However, despite the many positive points for online learning, it can sometimes become challenging to motivate employees to complete their e-learning training on time. Here are five ways to encourage them to find time and focus on their required training.

Set a Specific Deadline

Setting a deadline for completing the online training program creates a sense of urgency among employees. With a specific date to finish all the modules, assessment exams, and projects, learners will be driven to plot this on their calendars and set their own personal deadlines for every module and activity so they can complete everything on time.

Allocate Time for Learning

Although online courses are flexible and may be taken outside of work hours, it would be ideal for management to dedicate time for online training within the employees’ shift. For a long training program, employers can set an hour a day or three times a week so the learners can steadily work their way towards the completion of the program. For shorter online courses, employees can be given four straight hours so they are able to finish this within one day.

Explain Its Relevance to Their Role

Without fully understanding how an online training program can benefit them and their work, employees will not be motivated to commit themselves to completing the e-learning course. Considering the demands of their job and their personal obligations, it is likely that employees will just think of the online course as an added burden to their already busy lives. Make sure that they know what the course objectives are and how the knowledge and skills to be acquired from completing this can help in their job performance and career growth.

Provide Constant Support

Every module in the course has an assessment part, where learning managers can see whether the employees are doing well in a particular part of the course or not. It is recommended that managers take the opportunity to speak with the learners, especially those with lower scores, to see where they are struggling. It could be that they are having difficulty understanding the content of the module or it could also be a matter of not having enough motivation or focus. Either way, getting support in this way will make learning a much more positive experience for them.

Give Recognition for Completing the Course

What do employees get upon completion of an e-learning platform? Individuals are highly motivated by recognition. It can be as simple as receiving a certificate of completion or having their names posted on the bulletin board. They can also be rewarded with a small token for completing the required course, or management can treat their employees to lunch or dinner to celebrate. It can also be in the form of an additional section in their annual performance review.

Online learning for employees is indeed a great investment, and practicing these will help ensure that they are motivated enough to successfully complete their required e-learning training program and apply what they have learned in their current roles in the company.

Michelle Gonzalez has been writing for SMEs across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK for the last five years. She is a highly-experienced blogger and SEO copywriter, writing business blogs for various industries such as marketing, law, health and wellness, beauty, and education, particularly on e-learning platforms such as

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