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Thursday, 26 December 2013

5 Tips to Stay Awake In the Office

If you're an office worker who finds yourself nodding off by lunchtime, here are a few things you can do to stay awake in the office.

Whether it’s due to a newborn at home, partying a little too late, or spending too much time at work, many people find themselves struggling with sleep deprivation. When at work, however, it is important to remain awake and alert. Most workers find themselves reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning to help stay awake in the office. Although this can help give a boost of energy, it is also likely to result in a crash. So for those looking for healthy and natural ways to stay awake, here are five simple tips.

Move Around

Ten-minute walks have been proven to be energizing for over two hours. This is because a little exercise helps to pump oxygen to the brain and muscles. So try to incorporate a short walk on each break, or choose to walk to the nearest restaurant for lunch instead of driving. If the weather isn't nice, don’t worry. One can also simply walk around the building or do the stairs.

Get Some Natural Light

For those lucky enough to sit near a window in the office, make sure to keep the blinds open. The human body is equipped with an internal clock that is regulated by the sun. So being exposed to natural sunlight will help one’s body to wake up. For those unable to be near a window, then make sure to at least step outside into the sunlight on breaks. If finding any sunlight at all is an issue, then consider purchasing a daylight lamp to keep on one’s desk. These lamps mimic the natural light of the sun.

Eat a Healthy Snack

While caffeinated drinks and sugary junk food are tempting when tired, these will only provide a short energy boost followed by a low. So instead, reach for a healthy snack that will provide better overall energy that will last for hours. Great options include baby carrots and low-fat vegetable dip, peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, or low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit.

Get a Little Cold

The human body works hard to keep itself at a proper internal temperature. By exposing it to cold temperatures, it will keep itself awake until it can regulate the internal temperature again. So one can do this easily by chewing ice, splashing cold water on the face, turning on a fan, or opening a window when it is cold outside.

Stimulate One’s Sense of Smell

Strong scents help to make one’s body more alert. So keeping some bottles of essential oil on one’s desk can be very helpful in times of fatigue. This way, all one needs to do is open a bottle, take a whiff, and the nervous system will be immediately stimulated. Essential oils that are perfect for this include rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. If one does not have any essential oils, scented lotions or fresh herbs can work as well. For those really in a pinch, then simply smell coffee beans or brewed coffee, as this will awaken a person as well.

No matter how tempting coffee or energy drinks may be, they are not the most effective way to stay awake in the office. In fact, this consumption of caffeine leads to a vicious cycle of highs and lows that becomes difficult to escape. So the next time one is feeling drowsy in the office, try one of these natural tips for staying awake. They are not only healthier than downing several cups of coffee per day, but also will provide hours of extended energy to keep one alert in the workplace.

Clarice Chu is a Malaysia-based writer specializing in careers, office management and local business tips. She also contributes to www.servcorp.com.my.

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