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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top Five Home Decor Items

It is costly and difficult to refurbish your home quite often. Changing the furniture or paint yearly is not possible. There are various implements and items that are now available to decorate any modern home, but such is the profuse selection of these decor items, it sometimes becomes very difficult to decide upon a few. This article is created to help you with your home decor woes, by giving you a list of the top five items that are popular, affordable, and unique. Choosing any of them for your home decor would definitely add a distinctive touch to your interiors.

Bean bag: This is a fun and creative piece of home decor that can be used in the kid’s room. They are not only comfortable and relaxing, being light, they are also easy to carry anywhere in the house. You can get bean bags in various colors and prints. Graffiti printed bags and vibrantly colored graphic printed bean bags are quite popular, edgy and suitable for young boys and girls. Get one of these hit items of home decor for your teenage kid and become the “hip parent” in the neighborhood.

Persian rugs: These are classy and elegant pieces of decoration for the house and can transform the look of any room. Since these Oriental rugs are pretty expensive, they are generally reserved for the living or drawing room. You can use these intricately woven carpets as the center piece of the room and then orient all other furniture around the main rug. Smaller rugs can be placed strategically at the porch and in the dining area to give a coordinated look.

Ottomans: These are probably the most versatile pieces of home furniture that can be used to jazz up the decor. They can be used as coffee tables, bed stands, extra seating when required and even centre tables if you position a vase over it. It also becomes a veritable storage chamber where you can put away idle stationery items like books, blankets, cushions and children’s toys. They come in a smattering of colors and shapes that can provide a very dynamic appearance for your rooms.

Lamp shades: These decor items can single handedly change the way your room looks. Add a hanging ceiling lamp in your drably colored bedroom and watch it come to life. The profusion of colors and light will brighten any room. Chinese lamp shades, which come in a variety of shapes and patterns uses the interplay of light and shade very cleverly, to create lively patterns across the wall through the use of lights.

White Metal Handicraft

White metal decor: Wall hangings and painting frames that use white metal are very intricately carved and look exquisite in their delicate designs. Statuettes and figurines of gods and goddesses, if you are religiously inclined, look very classy in white metal. Candle stands, “diya holders” and mantel piece items in white metal and silver are quite popular and affordable. They lend an elegant grace to the decor and furnishings without making them look too extravagant. White metal home decor pieces aren't only for decoration but have great usability as well. That ways they are a multipurpose options for decoration.

The good thing about all the above mentioned options is that you can find them online. That ways you can shop for your home decor pieces while seating at home.
Dheera is a fashion blogger at online shopping portal Rajrang. She loves to write about latest fashion trends, ladies apparels, accessories and home decor products.

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