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Sunday, 12 January 2014

'5 Tips For Office Remodelling

Here are five tips for a successful office remodelling.

As a small business owner it is really important to stay on top of different new ways of improving your business. It is essential to keep your employees happy and provide them the right environment to work in efficiently. Sometimes it is a good idea to consider doing some office remodelling in order to provide customers a better experience as well as to improve the overall productivity. To help you make good changes here are five very simple tips to keep in mind.

Brooklyn Home Office
1. Keep It Simple

An office should look very simple. If your office space is full of clutter and different unique features you can really hinder the productivity and make the space seem restless. So make sure that it is all very simple while still adding some quirky little elements.

2. Keep Storage In Mind

One of the most important aspects of a functional office is the storage space. So keep this as your top priority and don’t ever think you have too much storage space in your design plans.

When you are thinking about the storage options make sure you also think it in terms of practicality. Having a large storage room for files can be a good idea but if there are files that employees need to access regularly this might become an inconvenience. Walking back and forth for files can become very frustrating.

3. Built-In Bookcases

As already mentioned having the right amount of storage is really important. Another really unique way of adding more storage to your office is with a built-in bookcase. This gives a really elegant and unique finish and is something worth considering.

You also don’t need to spend a fortune creating one. Just search for local carpenters and ask for quotes. There are usually plenty of companies that can do a quality budget-friendly bookcase.

4. Light Is Important

It is a known fact that well lit spaces allow people to concentrate better and can really boost the productivity. Opt for good lighting systems that ensure your employees have enough light near their work desks. Make sure you use energy efficient bulbs so that you save on energy costs.

If you are looking to make a few bigger changes in your office space or you are building a new one then you should consider opting for ETFE material. Vector Foiltec explains that this is a really cost-effective and eco-friendly material that can help provide more natural light to flow into the room. It is exactly this natural light that works the best in getting the energy levels up in humans.

5. Go With Neutral Light Colours

The colours you use in the office can also affect the amount of light the space has. So make sure that the colours you use in the office are really natural and bright. Don’t opt for dark colours or colours that really stand out. Neutral yet light colours work the best. You can find out more about the impact of colours in office spaces from this A Year Of Productivity article.

The above five tips can help you remodel your office space in an efficient manner. The tips guarantee your office boosts productivity and that your employees like to come to work every day.
Peter is interested in design and architecture. He likes to read more about how different kind of spaces and colours can influence our productivity and mood. He is also really interested in learning more about eco-friendly building.

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