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Thursday, 23 January 2014

5 Great Dinner Party Gift Ideas

Attending a dinner party is always a lot of fun. It is a time you get to enjoy some quality food that you didn't have to cook as well as spend time with your friends. Sometimes you might even meet a lot of new people at a dinner party.

Although it isn't a written law that guests should bring a gift for the host, it is still a really lovely idea to remember the host in some way.

Here are five great dinner party gift ideas you can consider for the next party you attend.

1. Quality Coffee Or Tea

A really nice idea is to provide some quality coffee or tea for the host, especially if it comes with a really lovely package.

This is something very useful and the host might choose to use it when serving the dessert.

Don’t expect the host to ever use any of your gifts straightaway, as this isn't really the purpose for you to bring the gift. If they choose to serve or display it is nice but don’t get upset if they don’t.

2. Olive Oil And Nuts

Something edible but which doesn't require immediate serving is to bring olive oil and some luxurious nuts for the host. Olive oil is always useful for people who love to cook and the good quality ones are especially a good gift.
You can also include some great nuts for this gift. For instance, a selection of different nuts can be something nice and the host might even want to provide it for you as a snack.

3. Selection Of Chocolates

You can also bring a selection of different chocolates. This is something simple that doesn't mean you want it to be the dessert but can act as a useful gift the host can use. You can even make your own little truffles with the recipes from Delia Online.

4. A Quality Bottle Of Wine

A really good traditional idea is to also take a bottle of wine with you. This is something that is always appreciated and will surely provide a lot of joy for the host. Even though picking a wine bottle as a gift is a relatively safe option to go with you can’t just show up with any bottle.

Make sure you spend some time (and money!) picking out the bottle. Don’t show up with a cheap bottle from the local supermarket since this shows no effort on your part at all.

There are a lot of great quality vintage wine gifts online, for instance, that you could opt to go with. It also doesn't need to be wine necessarily but drinks like whiskey and port could also work well.

5. A Nice Bouquet Of Flowers

Another traditional item to go with is a bouquet of flowers. This is always appreciated and works well for instance in cases where the host doesn't drink alcohol and a wine bottle would thus be rude.

The key to bringing flowers is all about the detail. If you know some personal details of the host, for example the birth month or favourite colour, you can incorporate it into the gift. Make sure the bouquet is also something that doesn't require much attention straight away. For example, getting fresh flowers that require cutting immediately isn't a good idea.

Martha Gibbs loves to host and attend dinner parties. She is always browsing the web for great recipe ideas and ways to entertain people as a host and as a guest. She also loves to watch periodical dramas on TV.

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