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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

5 Tips For Shopping Children's Clothing On A Budget

Families don’t have it very easy at the moment. The cost of living is steadily going up and it is important to find new ways to cut down on costs. Saving money on shopping is on many people’s mind right now but it seems like there isn't that much you can stop spending money on.

Shopping for clothes is one big expense, especially when you are shopping for kids. Kids grow so fast and you need to constantly renew their wardrobe.

To help you find some clever ways of cutting down clothes shopping costs here are five simple tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep A List Of Items You Need

Very common problem with all kind of shopping is the fact that we often end up buying things we don’t need. To help you avoid this and ensure you only buy the essentials it is a good idea to make a list of the items you need to have.

Go through all of your children’s clothing and write down any pieces that need replacing. Regularly update this list to ensure you are always aware what things are an absolutely must to buy.

2. Go For The Basics

There is really no point in spending money on fancy clothing when it comes to kids. You want to go with basic items that are easy to match with other pieces they have and that are of a good quality. This ensures that your kids always have something to wear and the clothing doesn’t end up breaking immediately after a few wears.

3. Check Second-hand

Plenty of children’s clothing don’t actually need replacing because of bad condition but because children simply grow out of the clothes. This means that you can find a lot of good second-hand clothes for kids if you keep your eyes open.

The prices are often very affordable and you will mostly get good condition. There are probably second-hand stores in your local community or you could check options from the internet. Do be careful if you are buying second-hand clothing online.

4. Consider Wholesale

Another really good option for families is wholesale shopping. What wholesale shopping means is that you buy directly from the wholesale company and you can thus cut down the extra costs that retailers have to put on their prices. It is a lot cheaper option that can help you save a lot of money.
There is plenty of fashionable wholesale kid’s clothing available on the internet. You could even consider shopping this way together with your friends to bring the costs down even further.

5. Sell The Old Clothes

You can also make some money with the old clothes and thus get some money to buy new ones. Children’s clothing sells really quickly, especially if you have managed to keep it in good condition.
There are options for selling children’s clothing on the internet as well as somewhere in your local community. For example, you could search for a local second-hand store and see if they are willing to sell your clothing. Ebay can offer a good platform for selling your clothing as well.

Nancy Smith has two teenage daughters and she is always trying to provide tips for other mothers to help them make the most out of parenting. She loves to find ways to cut down on costs and is a big believer in budgeting.

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  1. Another way to save money on kids' clothing just for the very fact that they out grow their clothes very quickly is to go for less expensive clothes. Less expensive clothes does not always mean "cheap" or inferior clothes, it is just buying non "brand name kids' clothes"


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