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Monday, 28 April 2014

Bring Changes with Help of ACC Online Courses

ACC Online Courses also referred to as Austin Community College (ACC) is indeed the first and last word in Distance Learning. As a matter of fact, ACC has been one of the pioneering institutions for this kind of web-based and internet-enabled distance learning which has leapfrogged over technology advancement to create sound niches of its own in the domains of competitive education, sans classroom or campus education. Changes are inevitable in the field of education, not only because of its primary evolutionary nature but because of the preponderance and massive influence and impact of technology.

Several decades ago, the use of Mobile and Laptop technology in classrooms education was unheard of, but today, these are indispensable. Several decades ago, nobody could ever dream that lecturers could ever delivery their pieces through virtual technology like Video Conferencing or Voice Recorders play backed in class, but today this is very much current fad. Physical presence of educators are not really needed in classrooms and technology does the talking, teaching, everything except perhaps writing examinations and qualifying, which could also be made possible in the not –too- distant future, given the extent of current technology usage in domain of education.

ACC Online courses are specifically designed to help aspirants gain the best of both worlds- virtual and live. Their online learning (OL) and campus models are virtually the same in terms of course curriculum, course fees, time frame for completion of assignments and writing examinations. As a matter of fact, both online and campus learning has fixed terms like fall, spring and summer timetable and aspiring students in both formats need to adhere to course schedules and coursework submission deadlines. The ACC Programs are unique since they do not distinguish between OL and Campus Learning and both need to adhere to same rules, regulatory regimes and academic conditions, with bias or any kind of discrimination. 

Another unique aspect of ACC is that of Blackboard which is apparently not found in any other OL system. This is indeed a differentiated and distinguished online course management mechanism, which seeks to supplement classroom experiences through DE and on-campus course curriculum.  Blackboard is something exclusive to just the ACC Teaching Model and this could be gained by completing Distance Learning Orientation and Blackboard would be supplied if this is applicable for stated course. Besides this, students and aspirants could be treated to new educational experiences through use of video and audios, instructor support, books and resource materials, assignment guides and a lot of other academic resources that could render studying a pleasure and something looked forward to, a new and exhilarating experienced only ACC students could aspire for and possibly attain through hard self study and sustained efforts.

Indeed, the many aspects that ACC brings to the Virtual Classroom like interactive one-to-one communications with instructors, hybrid studying which combines the best of both worlds- classroom and internet learning, though not self paced and needs to move along with the classroom model.

What sets ACC apart besides strong commitment and student friendly environment is to seek and further academic interests and pursuits of a wide and ever growing global student community.

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  1. Separation Learning online and cross breed classes offer ACC understudies a helpful approach to acquire school credit. Course substance and transferability is indistinguishable to classes offered on grounds, so understudies have additionally planning choices and a more extensive determination of classes to address their issues.


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