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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Effect of Choosing Different Colors for the Door

There are lots of doors in a house: gate door, bedroom door, kitchen door etc. the doors serve as safety and protection function. Nowadays, doors even regarded as decorating ornaments. In order to give home a beautiful view, the colors of the door arouse people’s attention. shows you the effect from different color doors.
Color Door

 Yellow: yellow gate door shows happy and welcome guests. It has relationship with high energy and warm. The lively yellow has the function of lighten the surroundings. It shows energy

Bright red: the most touching color in all the colors. Red brings you energy, strength and passion.  You can know the owner’s enthusiasm without opening the door.

Deep red: if you think the bright red is too high-profile and bold, then the deep red is suit you better.  It is the red more exquisite and complicated, which is neither high- profile nor low profile.

Orange: a small dose of orange can show you modern and warm. Even the door is the thing that you can show off!

Green: play the surrounding green scenery for you. It is the color that makes people refreshing. No matter for olive green, peppermint or lime, they are all green tone. They can merge into your appearance color palette. The door is a basin of germinating plants.

Blue: blue is often used on indoor walls. It is suitable for door’s color, either. You can create the Mediterranean style. Blue looks natural, health and refreshing as if you can see the ocean as soon as you open the door.

Purple: purple is steady and peaceful. No matter you like the warm or cool tone, purple can surprise you. It can create romantic and mysterious feeling for you. The romantic door is open for you.

Black: forever classic! But you need bold to use it. Let the thieves afraid of visiting your house.

White: the most common used color. It is compatible for surrounding context.

The different colors of the door represent different characteristics. If you are young, suggest you use white, for white door and white wall can expand the space for you. The later softy decorating and furniture as well as dining table and sofa can become the light spot. You have to observe the nature light at the same time. If the nature light is not good enough, you might as well choose the light color. If let me make a choice, l would choose blue, for l like the fresh and elegant feeling. 

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