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Thursday, 1 December 2016

8 Tips to Achieve a Well-Organized Kitchen

Having a well-organized kitchen is the key to cooking efficiently. A disordered and messy kitchen not only makes you work slowly but also ticks off the mood. Having a great setup will let you be quick and enjoy while preparing the meals.

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Here are 10 meticulous organizing tips to turn your kitchen into the most efficient and beautiful place.

Handy Storage

Who wants to fumble through the cabinets and drawers every day for finding the right spoon or pot for cooking? Keep your frequently used items nearby where they are readily available. Fill hard to reach spaces with the least used items. It will save you from this daily hassle.


Hanging items around the kitchen will not only declutter your counters, but it will also give you easy access to those things. Either you can use singlepegs or hooks on a rod or clothespins for this purpose. Simply hang your apron, kitchen towel, gloves, spoons, and pots on them. You can also mount a few shelves on the wall to carry spices or utensils. Use a pocket organizer to store your calendar, recipe book, grocery lists, and pens and to maximize your under-sink storage space.

Categorize Everything

Take out everything in your kitchen and group the similar items. Store them in specific cabinets and stick with those places. Like store all the bakeware together, and all the wrapping sheets at one location, etc. Designate sections in your refrigerator to organize food. Similarly, stash like items in the baskets in the pantry.Use see-through jars to store spices and place them all on a spice rack or a wall shelf or a lazy susan in one of your cabinets. Make your life easier by labelling everything.

Maximize Kitchen Space

We often forget about the hidden spaces of our kitchens. Get the most out of your kitchen space by utilizing those nooks and sides. Utilize the space above your stove to hang your daily used cooking spoons. Convert the inside of your cabinet doors into a whiteboard to make a to-do list. Or hang your pot lids and cutting boards there. Instead of wasting the space below the sink, keep your trash bin and cleaning stuff there.

Use Organizers

Install different organizing tools in your kitchen. Use stackable wire racks to store the plates.
Use lazy susan or sliding organizers for those hard to reach corner cabinets. Keep your drawers neat by organizing cutlery with drawer dividers.

Beautiful Display

Make your kitchen beautiful so that you can enjoy the time you spend there. Display your best chinaware in the glass door cabinets. Enhance the ambience by placing fresh flowers in a pretty vase. A colourful rug will transform the muted look of your kitchen.

Kids Friendly

Create a kids zone in your kitchen where they can work or play safely, while you cook. This will help you out immensely when you have to cook and watch the kids simultaneously.

Appropriate Lighting

Everything looks more appealing when the light is right. Overall lighting should be soft and warm but have few additional bright lights in the spaces where required such as above your cooking range and the meal preparing counter.

Author Bio:

This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior decor, home d├ęcor and art & craft. She is a content marketer at www.Alrug.com

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