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Thursday, 19 January 2017

DIY Foam Insulation in Your Home

Spray foam insulation is a heat-activated polymer designed to expand and harden into place once applied.Whether you are looking to insulate floors, walls, attics, roofs, or basements - spray foam insulation can be of use.This unique insulation product is designed to reach the most inconvenient areasof your home, which makes it an ideal alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, which is usually unable to cover and seal an entire area.This is not a problem for spray foam insulation, of course, which is applied via an easy-to-use spray gun and can expand to 60 times its size.Once applied, the liquid will quickly expand to fill any given area.As it expands it will turn into foam and then harden into place.

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This ability to seal cracks and holes will improve the energy-efficiency of your building and save you money.Aside from making an air-tight home, spray foam will also help to soundproof your walls.A third major benefit is that spray foam reacts well to moisture.Open-cell spray foam will allow moisture to pass through it and give you a clear picture of where the leak is coming from.Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, is waterproof.Closed-cell spray foam is ideal for regions with high precipitation or risk of flooding.

If you are looking to purchase some spray foam insulation, consider buying from SprayEZ, an industry leader in spray foam insulation products. SprayEZ sells spray foam polyurethane and polyuria for insulating your homes and buildings. SprayEZ products are sold to contractors and DIY insulation enthusiasts alike.

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

There are a number of ways to use SprayEZ foam in your DIY insulation projects.From interior to exterior, basement to roof, insulation work is always going to improve the value of your home and help you save on energy bills.Here are a few areas to consider using SprayEZ insulation for your next DIY project:

·         Insulating Your Loft/Attic: It is common knowledge that heat rises and tends to accumulate in the upper regions of a home.Being able to retain this heat is of the utmost importance for your energy costs, and SprayEZ foam insulation will work perfectly for sealing air pockets and retaining heat in your attic.Knowing where to apply foam insulation depends on where your HVAC system and ducts are located.If they are located in the attic itself, then it makes themost sense to insulate the underside of your roof with SprayEZ foam.If your HVAC and ducts are not in the attic, then it won’t make a difference if you insulate the roof or not.In this case, the best move would be to spray your attic floor to keep air circulation below the attic level.

SprayEZ is perfect for these kinds of jobs because they can get into those hard to reach areas of an attic where air tends to escape.These areas include uninsulated ducts and roof penetrators, such as plumbing vents and attic hatches for stairs.All you need to get to these areas is a spray foam insulation kit, which comes with a spray gun.Make sure to look over all these areas and apply spray foam where needed.

·         Insulating Your Doors and Windows: Even if you put in a perfect fiberglass insulation around your doors and windows, cracks will still remain.This is where SprayEZ comes in handy. SprayEZ is perfect for the finishing touches on window and door insulation, which is often done in small, tight spaces around the frame.

·         Basement Insulation: SprayEZ foam insulation is perfect for all your basement insulation needs.Aside from general insulation of the walls and ceiling, there are so many little areas in a basement that need to be sealed.These include appliance vents and outdoor faucets, as well as plumbing pipe and duct runs.All these little areas need to be insulated and sealed with foam.

·         Exterior Roof Insulation: SprayEZ foam insulation can be applied to a variety of substrates, including steel, concrete, and metal roof coating.If you notice cracks in your external roofing, then it is a good idea to cover it with SprayEZ.It makes for a perfect DIY insulation project that will permanently improve the quality of your roof.

 SprayEZ also offers ExpandoThane, an expanding polyerea waterproofing compound that will act as an ideal roof coating for large residential or commercial properties.When applied as a roof coating, it will ensure waterproofing and prevent rust from developing.Not only that, ExpandoThane will work on roofs that have small contours and crevices because it can expand 5-7 times the volume.This roof sealer is perfect for your next roof insulation project.

DIY insulation has been made much easier with products like the SprayEZ foam insulation kit.The kit comes with all the required tools you need to insulate your home in the most professional manner, without having to hire a contractor or resort to ineffectual fiberglass insulation.You can always rely on SprayEZ’s products to help complete a DIY spray foam insulation project.

Check out SprayEZ for a wide selection of DIY spray products that you can use to improve the quality of your home or building.Let SprayEZ provide you with the tools to make your next home insulation project easier, and more effective.

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