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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Installation Guidelines for Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Seven decades ago, kitchen faucets that are wall-mounted were the norm across America in Victorian houses and farmhouses. Currently, wall mount kitchen faucets are experiencing a revival in both modern bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they possess a designer feel and are very elegant. 

Factors to consider

It is important to first consider some factors before installing a wall mount kitchen faucet, the factors include the following:

Wall mount kitchen faucets are normally installed free hand and must be installed between 2 wall studs. In addition, the studs on the wall must properly line up. It is essential to get the spacing right. 

Wall mount kitchen faucets are available in different lengths i.e. 12 inches, 9 inches or 6 inches. This is to accommodate various installation settings and sinks. It is important for wall mounted faucets to be clear of any distance between the sink and the wall they’re mounted on. They should also be clear of the rim of the sink. 

It is also critical for wall mount kitchen faucet to be installed at the right height. The tip of the faucet’s nozzle ought to be at least 1 inch above the sink’s level. The higher an installation the more difficult it will be top control the flow of water. 

Wall mounted faucets differ from traditional faucets because they are usually set farther back. This is to mean wall mounted faucets need a longer reach. 

It is advisable to take steps to ensure all the hardware is properly insulated especially in cold areas. 

Guideline for installing wall mount kitchen faucet

The following is a comprehensive guideline for installing wall mount kitchen faucet:

Step 1: The wall mount kitchen faucet product should be inspected to ensure that all parts needed for its installation are available. In addition, ensure that you have a strap wrench or even a smooth-jaw/protected wrench so as to protect any finished surfaces. Putty should not be used during the installation process because it contains oil and can therefore lead to permanent discoloration of granite, marble or porous surfaces.

Step 2: Adequate blocking should be installed to ensure that the inlet supplies are properly supported.

Step 3: Complete the rough-in by the proper installation of well supported cold and hot female NPT connections. The supplies should be level, within the on-center spread range and very secure. The supplied nipples normally have outlet and inlet connections that allow for an inlet supply spread range. 

Step 4: The nipples should be installed on the inlet supplies and must project approximately 1” to 1-1/2" from the finished level of the wall. It is critical to ensure that all NIPPLES are level, have an on-center spread of 150mm and are securely tightened. 

Step 5: The escutcheons should be slid over the nipples. The valve body should then be held up to the nipples before the union nuts can be thread on the nipples. Make sure that all fiber washers are in the union nuts. Finally, tighten the union nuts securely. A bead of clear silicone can be applied at the point of contact of escutcheons with the finished wall. 

Step 6: The aerator housing should be unthreaded, the aerator should be removed from the spout. The inlet supplies should be opened and both of the cross handles carefully turned so as to flush out any debris present in the supply lines.

Step 7: All connections should be inspected for leaks. Re-install the aerator and include the O-RING. 


The above guideline for installing wall mount kitchen faucet should help homeowners save a bit of money that they would have otherwise used to hire professional help.

Author Bio:

Rosalie is the founder of UnderRoofs where she and her associates blog about the best home & kitchen, tip & tricks, and finest tech that will help you make exquisite in your home. she gathers and shares tips on how to improve home and kitchen for you to be able to make the most out of it.

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