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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Seven Color Trends for Homes This 2017

“Colour creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting.” -Kiff Holland
Colour is a brilliant design aspect that adds personality, character as well as dimension to any home. The mere addition of various colors makes a dull and plain home come to life with its vibrance. In fact, one would say that color is integral when it comes to a good home design as various colors would affect our moods differently. As a result, colors would make the rooms in our homes ideal places for rest, relaxation, dining and even the coming together of families and friends—much like how the color indigo is associated with serenity while yellow and red as appetite stimulants. In the wise words of Van Day Truex, “Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature, and structure.” With this in mind, it would only be appropriate to paint the rooms of your house in the new color trends of the year so that not only will your rooms look modern, but chic as well.

So, whether you are looking for potential buyers of your house and lot for sale in Quezon, or are simply looking for a unique way to brighten up and energize your homes.

Here are some of the hues you should consider:

1.) Windsor Pink 

Regarded as a neutral color, Windsor pink has also been aptly known as “millennial pink”. This peach and salmon fusion of colors creates an effect that does not have the shock value of bright pink without being overly dull. All in all, it creates an effect that is neither too juvenile nor too sweet. If you want to give your rooms a more feminine touch, utilize this color as accents in your living room or bedrooms.

2.) Yellow Colors

Give your rooms that inner glow by giving them the vibrancy of yellow. From pale butter colors to dark mustard, sunny colored rooms have become a rather popular trend in home designs everywhere. Whether you use it as an accent or make it the focal color of a room, yellow never ceases to create interest and dimension in a room. Give the walls and furniture used in a room a touch of charm by incorporating yellow.

3.)  Autumn Colors 

Burnt orange has always been reminiscent of the Fall season. The color alone creates a warm and relaxed mood in just about any room. However, the color scheme is not only appropriate for the fall season as it seems to look fresh all year-round. The earthy color combined with the subtle dark and burnt orange creates an effect that is altogether unique, sleek and modern that is perfect for your kitchens.

4.) Green colors 

Going Au naturale is anything but leaving the walls of your room bare. Utilize green to give your rooms a fresh look that is reminiscent of the elements of nature. If you want a quirky approach, try an acidic apple green color which is not too serious but still looks sophisticated. Use it in the main hallway of your rooms to create a high-impact entry.

5.) Oval Room Blue

Create a room color that is reminiscent of the US presidential election to inspire change in more ways than one. The relaxed and subtle hue is a way to create drama and add character to just about any room. This color scheme is especially appropriate for kitchens where it creates an airy and serene mood.

6.) Simply White 

White has been known to be the absence of color. As a result, many people are under the misguided notion that it cannot be a color trend. However, out of all the color trends, white is the most versatile color. It is ideal for both traditional and modern spaces and would allow you to be more creative with your accents. More often than not, white is the main color of the room while the accents come in various colors giving you more leverage in creating a unique design aspect. If you want a color that is both powerful and polarizing, you will never go wrong with white.

7.) Horizon Gray

The last color trend to make it into this list is a neutral one in horizon gray. While Gray may have an industrial feel to it, a calmer and more softened take on the color makes rooms look ultra chic and modern. Furthermore, the high chroma hue gives the impression of a clean and sleek room which works particularly well in bedrooms and living areas.

So, if you have want to give the interiors of your home a new look, try the new color trends of 2017 and give your homes that unique personality and character definitive of you. 

Author Bio: This article is written by Dominique, a blogger and also a big fan of anything about interior designing, writing home decor tips and guides specifically. He is currently blogging for Amaia Land.

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